Detail about Inkland

Inkland Make You Easy ...
We provide fast and easy ordering procedures, in a very competitive price.

Why Inkland?
Unlike other companies you normally deal with, we always work closely with our customers. We consider your business seriously. With our services and our competitive price, we make sure the money you spend are used wisely. Since our philosophy is to keep our customers in a long-term relationship, we offer best quality products and services to our customers.

Three steps ordering procedure:
Step 1: Check your best price online, or call us for price
Step 2: Fax, phone, email or place your order online
Step 3: Your order will be delivered to your location (normally within 48 hrs, depending on your order).

Be our guest, be our long-term customer
With our Corporate Partner Program, we offer additional benefits to our customers.
  •   Custom order fax form for your fast and easy ordering
  •   Partner Login for your fast online ordering
  •   Keep your previous printing in record for your future order
  •   Free and On-Time Delivery
  •   Monthy Payment Term
  •   In-stock Guarantee
  •   Always talk to the person who know you
  •   and More...

Try out our products and services today and let us take care of your office.